About Me

Wolf Ademeit, born 1954, lives in Duisburg, Germany. The author prefers calling himself a hobbyist, though his professional life has been always closely connected with this field – he owns an advertising agency and a photo studio. Wolf Ademeit first took interest in photography when studying lithographer's craft and it's been his passion since, for more than 30 years now.

It's Ademeit's distinctive approach that makes his works stand out of a long row of ever trendy black and white photography adepts or, speaking of his most known series, animalist masters. Unique of the author is his 'hobbyist' choice to capture expressive portraits of zoo animals. Rather than focusing on wildlife in their naturally beautiful habitats, Ademeit finds charm and personality in the facial expressions of his subjects alone. Call it 'animal portraits', if you wish. More than simply keeping a visual record, the photographer provides an artistic portrayal that is often reserved for human portraiture.

Says the author: "Only a few photographers use the photography of animals in zoos as an art form. I think this is a missed opportunity… With my pictures I would like to move the photography of these animals in the focus of the art photography and show photos which are not only purely documentary."

Ademeit's incredibly artistic collection of images offers a wide range of emotions, capturing every grimace, ferocious roar, tender kiss, and twinkle in the varied creatures' eyes, each caught within a second of the animal's position he sought for. No wonder his highly acclaimed Animals series took 5 years to finish, patience being a part of the author's talent and mastership.

-Vadim Yatsenko
Bruice Collections, Kiew

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The Art Of Animals

  • ../150122-00749-jaguar   Wolf Ademeit
  • ../130824-01290-tigress_portrait   Wolf Ademeit
  • ../070607-00570-R-R-E-the_kodiak   Wolf Ademeit
  • ../091108-00611-face2face   Wolf Ademeit
  • ../110226-00135-power_and_elegance   Wolf Ademeit
  • ../150717-00053-young_camel   Wolf Ademeit
  • ../070607-00790-frontal   Wolf Ademeit
  • ../080501-13172-uuuhhuuhu   Wolf Ademeit
  • ../150504-00039-the_boss   Wolf Ademeit
  • ../100327-01435-the_vulture   Wolf Ademeit
  • ../081108-00709-attention   Wolf Ademeit
  • ../090314-07521-lion_portrait   Wolf Ademeit
  • ../080914-00900-the_kiss   Wolf Ademeit
  • ../170829-00551-the_baboon   Wolf Ademeit
  • ../090425-00598-vortex   Wolf Ademeit
  • ../190206-00072-snow_leopard   Wolf Ademeit
  • ../130518-02300-crazy   Wolf Ademeit
  • ../100927-00146-snake   Wolf Ademeit
  • ../090314-07072-four   Wolf Ademeit
  • ../161012-00892-kudus   Wolf Ademeit
  • ../080318-09316-lynx_2   Wolf Ademeit
  • ../090321-10257-zickzack   Wolf Ademeit
  • ../120721-00822-mandrill_portrait   Wolf Ademeit

Enjoy The Art Of Animals

  • 170829-00551-the_baboon   Wolf Ademeit


With their magnificent mane, male Baboons are very imposing…

  • 070607-00570-R-R-E-the_kodiak   Wolf Ademeit


Impressive animals with incredible power...

  • 100327-01435-the_vulture   Wolf Ademeit


So many species of birds, each unique...

  • 150717-00053-young_camel   Wolf Ademeit


Whether with one or with two humps, camels are survival...

  • 110226-00135-power_and_elegance   Wolf Ademeit


So elegant and impressive, for me the most beautiful big cat...

  • 080914-00900-the_kiss   Wolf Ademeit


If you want to learn something about humans, you should observe chimpanzees...

  • 130518-02300-crazy   Wolf Ademeit


The largest living land animal, but for how much longer?

  • 090321-10257-zickzack   Wolf Ademeit


Of the three known giraffe species, one is nearly extinct, one is critically endangered, and the third is severely depleted....

  • 150504-00039-the_boss   Wolf Ademeit


Not only since King Kong are gorillas the perfect example of pure power...

  • 150122-00749-jaguar   Wolf Ademeit


To photograph a wild jaguar is the almost impossible mission...

  • 161012-00892-kudus   Wolf Ademeit


A beautiful animal with imposing horns...

  • 090314-07521-lion_portrait   Wolf Ademeit


The king among the big cats, but how long probably...

  • 080318-09316-lynx_2   Wolf Ademeit


Sporadically, lynx can also be found again in Europe's forests...

  • 120721-00822-mandrill_portrait   Wolf Ademeit


Impressive primates that immediately captivate you...

  • 080501-13172-uuuhhuuhu   Wolf Ademeit

Orang Utans

Very smart primates with a lot of expression in facial expressions....

  • 100927-00146-snake   Wolf Ademeit


Reptiles are among the oldest land creatures...

  • 070607-00790-frontal   Wolf Ademeit


Please protect the last rhinos - they have become very rare...

  • 130824-01290-tigress_portrait   Wolf Ademeit


The largest big cat can be admired today almost only in zoos...

  • 090314-07072-four   Wolf Ademeit

Various Animals

There are so many different species of animals that we think it would be infinite, but we lose so many every year forever....

  • 091108-00611-face2face   Wolf Ademeit


The long horns and muscular body make this cattle unique....

  • 081108-00709-attention   Wolf Ademeit


Finally back in our forests after centuries....

  • 090425-00598-vortex   Wolf Ademeit


Zebras offer black and white photographers perfect options for graphic design…