the art of animals

wolf ademeit

Animal photographers focus their work in general on the presentation of animals in the wild nature. Only a few photographers use the photography of animals in zoos as an art form.

I think this is a missed opportunity. Just like wild living animals, are also suited zoo animals, excellently for photos which lie aesthetically about the norm of simple animal pictures. With my pictures, I would like to move the photography of these animals in the focus of the art photography and show photos, which are not only purely documentary.

In contrast to the wild life photography, the animals in the zoo normally in an environment, that is artificial, highly distracting and make an artistic design difficult. Therefore, as a photographic technology, I dark all picture parts which are not necessary to the picture creation. As in the portrait photography, I try to find the position, in which the animals present themselves as an individual, or kind is best.

My pictures never try to take account of actual circumstances. They are my elegy on an animal world, which disappears in tragic way every day more and more.

– Wolf Ademeit